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Just some of our past Clients

Water Use Report

Euro Pumps water consultancy began as an adjunct to the standard pre-installation practice of Euro Pumps own high efficiency cleaning systems.  Euro Pumps primary focus has been on food and export companies where the savings can be in the orders of megalitres, these clients were particularly extremely interested in the water use report and we went on to make the savings of between 80 and 95%   Let me repeat that water savings of between 80 and 95% when dealing with hundreds of kilolitres per day meaning that the entire cost of the consultancy and the equipment changes were paid off in a matter of weeks.  Euro Pumps specialist industrial water consultant and CIP analysis.

Euro Pumps achieving massive water savings for an Australian food processor of 65% while providing a better quality clean

An Australian food processor have
introduced a new Euro Pumps have
designed ultra efficient CIP cleaning
system and they are enjoying huge
cost benefits due to the drastic
reduction in water consumption.


Benefits gained include:

  •  Lessening burden on
      water treatment ponds

  •  Reducing energy
     consumption due to
     lower water heating costs

  •  Improved cleaning quality

  • Reducing labour and
     chemical costs

  • Improved microbial



A 95% water saving while also moving from warm to cold water providing enormous savings for a Rockhampton plant


Nobody was prepared for just how successful our first Contra Shear cleaning trial would be.  After only a month on the job we were achieving savings water in excess of 95%
whilst moving from warm to cold


In only four months we have
installed similar systems in
three other major food
processing plants and achieved
very similar water saving results.
The recommendation is we put
in place have paid before the
whole system and moved into a
positive return in only a
matter of weeks.


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Euro pumps focus is on large water users who want to reduce their water costs and consumption.